Cora: Such an Adorable Child

April 14, 2021

We were all sitting on the couch, but Cora couldn’t sit still, so she wiggled off. She stuck her face into the couch cushions and made a spitting noise.

“Don’t spit on the couch!” I shouted.

“No, I spit into the couch,” Cora corrected.

“Well, don’t spit into the couch!” I said.

“I’m sorry, but I want to do it,” she answered sadly.


Another night, we were having a dinner party with some close friends. I wanted to show off what amazing and clever girls I had – they knew how to set the table! Sort of!

“Who wants to help me set the table?” I asked sweetly, smiling beatifically at them.

“Nobody!” Cora answered, smiling sweetly back at me.