Skeleton Bears

April 24, 2021

Cora and I were walking along at nighttime. It was very dark out. We were running because it’s fun to run at nighttime. “I like to walk outside at nighttime,” Cora had told me as soon as we got outside. We had meandered along for a little while, and then we sped up.

“There are five bears!” Cora announced as she chugged along.

“Fire bears?” I asked, mishearing.

“No. FIVE bears.”

“Oh no! They’re chasing us?”

“Yes!” said Cora.

“We better run then!”

“Yes! We better run!” Cora agreed, and we sped up. Cora huffed and puffed, going as fast as she could.

“I’m kind of scared,” I said. “With those five bears chasing us.”

“They are far away,” Cora reassured me, slowing to a walk. “Those bears are far away. They are not near.” She paused. “And they are patend.”

Peter and Annie, who were walking behind us, caught up. I explained the situation about the five bears chasing us.

“They are not walking,” Cora said mysteriously.

“Oh, they’re not?” I asked. “What are they doing?” 

Cora was silent for a few minutes. “They are skeletons,” she announced finally, in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Skeleton bears?” we all echoed, horrified.

“Yes, skeleton bears!” She paused. “They are flying.”

“Five flying skeleton bears?” I said. “We are being chased by five flying skeleton bears?”

“Yes,” said Cora calmly.

“Are the bears still chasing us?” I asked a few minutes later.

“No, don’t worry,” she said reassuringly. “They are in their cave. They are locked up and it has two doors.”

“They’re locked in their cave with the doors?”

“Yes. And… and…” She thought for a minute. “I cannot remember the end of the story.”