The Car House

When Annie woke up, Mommy and Daddy told her they were getting near the new place they would be staying. Mommy explained that it was called an RV, and it was like a car, but with a house inside. “What?” asked Annie. “What?? WHAAAAT??” She thought this was just about the craziest thing she had ever heard. It was very funny.  It was so exciting she forgot to make Mommy and Daddy play Fish Heads.

When Annie saw the RV, it was even better than she could have hoped for, because it had bonk beds! Annie had heard about bonk beds in books, and seen them at other people’s houses, but she had never slept in a bonk bed. She guessed they were called bonk beds because you sometimes bonk your head on them. She suggested that she should get the top and Cora Rose should get the bottom bed. She knew sisters were supposed to sleep in bonk beds together. Mommy didn’t think Cora was big enough to sleep in a bed, and was worried about Annie falling out of a top bed.  That was okay. Annie didn’t want to fall out either. So Annie agreed to sleep in the bottom, but she put all her toys on the top and played up there, way up high. Bonk beds were everything that Annie hoped they would be. They were amazing!

Outside the car house there was some grass. Annie took off her shoes and the grass felt so good on her bare feet, she just had to run around. She ran forwards and backwards and round and round on the grass, and sang songs very loudly. She was happy to be out of the car. There were statuos on the edge of the lawn – there was a deer and a flamingo. Annie gave them kisses. (Sometimes other people said “statue” but Annie was always careful to say “statuo”.) She saw a birdhouse that was full of bees, and this was very upsetting, until Mommy told her that the house was actually built for bees, not for birds.

Aunt Katie and Uncle Rob came over for dinner that night, and Daddy cooked outside. All the grown-ups had weird food, so Annie had to find something that wasn’t weird. She had a pretzel bun. She did not share her pretzel bun with anyone. She also found some chips and ate those. Mommy tried to give her healthy food to eat but Annie did not want to eat it, because the pretzel bun was yummy.

Annie slept very, very well in her bonk bed that night.

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