Cora’s Rules

Cora Rose has some rules that she lives by. Some are longstanding, and some are new, having been established after the recent trip. They are simple and Cora feels they should be easy for people to understand.

1)    Annie is the most interesting person in the entire world. When she is happy and singing, it is like the world is bathed in sunshine, and when she is having a temper tantrum, it is terrifying and fascinating and impossible to look away, like watching a tornado or a volcano erupting. When possible, it is important to be able to see her at all times.

2)    Food is amazing. If other people are eating, it is only fair if Cora Rose is eating too. No excuses.

3)    IPhones are amazing. Babies should be allowed to play with iPhones, and also computers and iPads. It is not fair for a mother or father to be doing things on screens, without sharing the fun.

4)    Airplanes are ok to a point. 15-hour airplane flights are acceptable, but they are NOT to be followed by 3-hour airplane flights. That is unacceptable, and all the pacifiers, bouncing, nursing in the world is not going to change that fact.

Your paper cup on a string will only get you so far…

5)    Car seats are the most horrible things ever invented. Children should never, ever be forced into a car seat.

6)    When in a car seat, or on an unacceptable airplane, or otherwise in a situation that has been deemed unacceptable, there is only one thing in the whole world that can fix the situation: the song “On The Street Where You Live” from My Fair Lady. This has to be sung by Mommy. It has to be sung dramatically. The fact that there may be people around is not a suitable excuse. No other songs are acceptable. If sung appropriately, no matter how upset she is, Cora Rose will agree to stop screaming in order to listen. However, the music must continue because as soon as it stops, the situation becomes unacceptable again.

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