A New House

Annie really did like the new house. Some of the cool things about it:

-Annie got a new bed, which had a pillow that looked like a panda bear.

-Cora’s crib was in Annie’s room. The parents moved it into their room, but promised that when things had settled down and Cora was sleeping well, Cora could move back in with Annie, which was SO exciting.

-The living room was big enough to run around, and had a big soft carpet, and a couch that was perfect for climbing on, building forts on, and hiding behind.

-Mommy and Daddy set up a suitcase as a Toy Bin in the living room, full of all the little toys Annie had brought with her.

-There were some blankets over the back of the couch, and Annie could grab the pink one, and hold it over her shoulders like a cape, and run around and around the couch. Annie did this a lot. She explained she was Frozen. Sometimes Cora would get to be Frozen’s sister, Anna. Sometimes Annie put the blanket over her head, in which case she was a ghost.

-There were giant curtains you could pull in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Through the windows, there was a lot to see. The first morning, Annie saw a white storm.  Mommy told her it was called fog, but they both agreed that white storm was a better name. Sometimes in the morning and the evening, when they looked out, the sky turned beautiful rainbow colors. Annie thought the colors were gorgeous.

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