A Whole New World

One day Cora Rose went to the library for story time, with her big sister and her father. She enjoyed herself. The stories were fun, but what Cora Rose really noticed was another little boy. He was a little older than Cora Rose, but he was definitely a baby, not a big kid like Annie. And he knew how to move! He crawled all over the floor, right up to Cora! He crawled up to Annie’s stroller and took her Cheerios and her toys, without her even knowing it! Cora could not believe it. She had not thought that this was possible. Freedom! He had freedom! She could taste it! That little boy didn’t have to sit where his mother or father put him. He could go anywhere! He could get toys whenever he wanted! He could put them into his mouth with reckless abandon! He could put the whole world in his mouth!

Cora resolved right then and there to learn to crawl. That afternoon, she started trying. While lying on her tummy, she pushed herself up onto her hands, and wiggled her legs back and forth. She did not move forward. She tried lifting her backside into the air, but her face got smashed into the rug and she didn’t move that way, either. She tried a few more times for good measure, and then took a break for a snack and a nap.

But when she woke up, she tried again. And again after that. By evening time, if her mother was there to push off of, she was able to worm her way a few feet along the rug or the bed or the couch, and she had her first real taste of freedom. She was so proud of herself! Soon, the world would be hers!

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