Doughboy’s Coffee “Slice”

After 2 long plane trips, the four Van Siclens found ourselves jet-lagged in a new land, with only tea, coffee, Whittaker’s chocolate, edam cheese and Vogel’s Soy & Linseed Bread in the pantry. I was given the task of driving the borrowed Audi on the left side of the road to get some grub. It was a dark Thursday night, most restaurants were closed, but I managed to find an establishment that got us through the first few nights of our stay: Doughboys.

Welcome to Doughboys – Home of Great Food

You’ll find many pizzas, including “Meatboys,” “Salmonboys,” “Fetaboys,” and “Chickenboys.” We’ve mostly shied away from the “boys” pizzas, but we’ve enjoyed their vegetarian, smoked chicken and one topped with Indian curry. They have a very thin crust, and are quite good! And I learned what capsicum is…

Apparently capsicum is sweet red pepper! Who knew?!
Also, cranberry, cashews & camembert… mmm…

The real treat I’ve discovered at Doughboys, though, was their coffee “slice.” “Slice of what?,” you may ask… The world may never know! As far as I can tell, a slice is just a slice. You know, kind of like how that orange fruit is, well… …just an orange!

I though that picture was just on pizza boxes, but I guess it’s their logo!
My slice was just plain coffee, no walnuts. ☹️

I had my coffee slice on a cold wet day with a cappuccino “take away”. They always seem to put shaved chocolate or cinnamon on the coffee here, and this time I switched it up and got cinnamon. 

The coffee “slice” had a hard frosting/meringue layer on top of a shortbread biscuit. The cinnamon coffee was a perfect compliment to the “slice” and it really hit the spot! Just like Doughboys, it’s not too fancy, but can be just what you’re looking for when you need it. A great little pick me up! 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 stars

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