Tim Tam Slams

We once bought a new version of our favorite biscuit (read cookie), Tim Tams, that claimed to be Choc Malt & Sticky Caramel “Slams.” Unlike a normal Tim Tam, this one had a dry chalky center and the malt flavor was overpowering.

It wasn’t until a friend came to visit from Australia that we learned the error of our ways. These biscuits were not intended to be eaten like a conventional biscuit. Oh no, they were born to be “slammed.” That dry texture we first encountered was a filling that was designed for maximum absorption.

We picked up some “Choc Hazelnut & Gooey Caramel Tim Tam Slams” and our friend demonstrated how to slam:

  1. Nibble one corner, then nibble the corner diagonal from the first.
  2. Place one nibbled corner into a hot beverage of your choice (we chose Milo (more on that later…))
  3. Suck as much hot drink into the biscuit as you can, as if it were a straw. This could take many sips to fill the Tim Tam.
  4. Consume your hot gooey Tim Tam Slam!

The result of the hot Milo filling the entire chocolate-covered biscuit was similar to that of a chocolate lava cake, one that could fit into your mouth in one bite. It was an explosion of caramel and Nutella flavors. We have since tried a cookies and cream version.

Tim Tam Slams are a must-try experience for anyone visiting New Zealand or Australia! Can’t recommend it enough… A fun activity for the whole family!

????? out of 5 stars

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