The Coming of the Nocturnal Fairies

Fairies have moved into a forest plantation not far from Annie’s house. This will only be a temporary residence for the fairies – all 20 fairy families are planning to leave again in a week – but they have made themselves comfortable in the stumps and trees of the forest for their 3 week stay, bringing along all necessary paraphernalia, mainly in the form of tiny, brightly-colored doors and signposts.

These are nocturnal fairies. This means that when Annie went for a walk through the forest with her daddy, she had to be careful not to wake them up. Annie did a good job of this. She and Daddy whispered the whole time they were in the forest.

She and her daddy did a reconnaissance mission not long after the fairies moved in, taking lots of pictures and videos to show to Mommy when she got home. Then the next week the whole family ventured into the forest.

By the second trip, Annie was an expert at spotting fairy-related things. It was easy to find the doors and the signposts, but Annie found other things too. What looked to Mommy and Daddy like a pinecone in a tree, Annie explained, was actually fairy food. What looked like a broken branch from a tree, leaning against another tree, was actually a fairy slide. What looked like a small mound of dirt was actually a fairy mountain. Annie went so far as to speculate on fairy transportation – cars made of sticks, with ferns for wheels – although the family didn’t see any cars while they were in the forest.

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