Castle Hill/Kura Tawhiti

Although they had been living in New Zealand for eight months, the family had yet to visit the nearby bizarre and unique limestone formations at Castle Hill, also known as Kura Tawhiti. This has been an important place for the local Maori people for generations, and also impressed the first Europeans who came to New Zealand.

On the way there, they drove into the mountains. Annie worries a lot about driving in general, and particularly about mountain driving.

“Don’t drive off the mountain,” she warned her daddy. “Don’t bonk any cars. Be careful, Daddy. Don’t drive into the water.”

“Thank you, Annie,” said Daddy.

“Don’t drive into the grass!” said Annie. “Don’t drive off the road! Be careful, Daddy!”

“Good pro tip,” said Mommy. “Don’t drive off the road.”

“Thank you,” said Daddy again. He continued to drive along on the road.

Annie and Daddy made sure to hold up the stones so they didn’t roll down and squish the family.

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