A Conversation with Cora

by Mary Beth

Every day when I get home, I ask Annie how her day was in school. And if it was a school day for Cora (three days out of the week), I ask Cora the same question. With Cora, I always have the same conversation.

It goes like this:

Me: Cora, how was your day at school?

Cora: Annie school! Annie Annie!

Me: Yes, but Coco went to school too, right?

Cora: (silence)

Me: What did you do at school today? Who was there at school today?

Cora: People!

Me: People? Which people?

Cora: Mean people!

Me: No! There are no mean people at your school! They are nice people!

Cora: Mean people.

Me: No mean people! Nice people!

Cora: Mean people!

Me: No!

Annie: Her school is full of mean people.

Cora: Mean people! Mean people!

But today, Cora added a new twist to our usual dialogue.

Me, at the end of the above conversation: No mean people at your school! They are all nice people!

Cora: Dead people.

Me (silent for a moment): Dead people? You must have meant good people. GOOD people.

Cora: Dead people.

Me: GOOD people. It’s not the same as dead. GOOD people. There are good people at school.

Cora (after pausing to consider): Mean people! Dead people!

Me: Nice people!

Annie: She said “dead people”.

Cora: Dead people!

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